High Country Outfitters


High Country Outfitters The goal was to introduce the Atlanta area 16-25 age group to paddling in North Georgia, and turn them into customers. The promotion included a one-day Roll Pool Event with instructors. The attitude of the emotional, edgy concept's were expressed across multimedia and identified with the target/s personally, establishing a brand image [...]



Brandzaffair The personal online shopping destination with one’s favorite friends, and brands together in one place with their best offers. A place to collect and revisit one’s favorite things with insights and information on your most fervent interests in life. The experience was communicated with emotion, edge and attitude through video, social channels and E-Direct [...]

Gold Toe


Gold Toe Nothing Lasts Forever, But We're Working On It Competitor men's fashion brands expanded their brands to include socks and ignited the first advertising campaign in Gold Toe's 70 year history. Our brand positioning program led to the discovery of high quality features and detail that separate the Gold Toe sock. The branding line [...]



Baffin Boots Cold Feet Up Here Means Someone Usually Has To Cut Them Off The Baffin boot is designed by 2 guys from the Tundra, not an office park (one of our branding lines). The features are designed to keep ice fishermen and snowmobiler's feet warm in the Arctic. The culture and features of the [...]

Elizabeth City


Elizabeth City Your Adventure Starts Here Brand discovery identified and prioritized the hidden, rich historical, cultural and outdoor adventures of Elizabeth City, and the surrounding area. As an ideal base camp/launch point to the cultural, natural adventure on the inner/outer banks the positioning "Your Adventure Starts Here" was born. The campaign rolled out with the [...]

St. Lucia


The Island of St. Lucia Show Your Kids a Cocoa Plantation Brand discovery of exotic features, experiences and iconic volcanic mountain peaks led to the positioning “The Island That Stands Out”. This brand distinction was expressed with emotion through a multimedia branding campaign targeting eco, cultural and leisure travelers. The campaign increased bookings in the [...]

The Thoms Estate


The Thoms Estate The French Country Estate, Wallah! We turned a cow pasture into a French country estate with branding that illustrated the experiences of an afternoon stroll through the estate with a sketchbook and binoculars in a multimedia campaign that exceeded property phase contract goals pre-development of property. See More

Historic Biltmore Village


Historic Biltmore Village A Stroll Through Time In the first ever branding for Historic Biltmore Village we captured the historic story of Biltmore Village and communicated it in a new logo, tagline, website, digital concepts. No "me too" generic events here, we assembled a brand centric event schedule, which included the “St. Bernard Dog Festival" [...]

Krispy Kreme


Krispy Kreme Miles of Smiles A gasoline crisis created miles long gas lines. We came up with the viral media concept “Miles of Smiles” for Krispy Kreme. We collected 20 dozen glazed doughnuts from the client, we staged teams in strategic locations for the most visibility and longest lines to tap on the car windows [...]

Disney Vacation Club


Disney Vacation Club The Treasure of Vero Beach by Disney Our Brand Workshop/Focus Groups helped in defining the position "The mystique, history, culture and natural beauty of Vero Beach and Hilton Head Island brought to you with the magic touch of Disney. Pat Quinn, Disney Vacation Club Director of Marketing, “Disney doesn’t allow specifics but, [...]

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