Haywood County, after our branding workshop filtering and prioritizing all the features and visitor experiences, determined that the authentic Appalachian culture and clean natural environment were the assets that rose to the top. Thus, “Haywood County, Authentic Appalachian, pure and simple” was born. A new logo was created by illustrating the landscape in a turn-of-the-century ink engraving style with a silhouette elk separating the words Haywood and County, encompassed in an ellipse surrounded by the text “Authentic Appalachian, pure & simple.” The affinity targets attracted to the key features and experiences were identified, and the concepts appealing to the target’s emotions were created and strategically placed in their path online. The first in the series was a history and cultural fact targeting Civil War buffs and general cultural travelers: “Where the last shot east of the Mississippi was fired.” Web visits were up 156%, and overnight stays 20% in a 4 month campaign.