By Ryan Laffler, Account Manager


Two weeks ago, The Goss Agency had the pleasure of visiting one of its clients, Elizabeth City, to present the results from our branding process. Located on the Pasquotank River in Eastern North Carolina, Elizabeth City truly is a gem of Southern charm and culture.

The branding process uncovered Elizabeth City’s most motivating features and experiences, the profiles of the most likely prospects, and the city’s most compelling distinction among other destinations in the same consideration set.


We are very excited to be working with Elizabeth City. The marketing team’s efforts, combined with the city’s rich history and visitor experience, present a great opportunity to advance brand awareness and visitation for Elizabeth City. The distinctive rich cultural, natural features and experiences of Elizabeth City are abundant and appeal to an array of specific Affinity Target profiles. The next step will be to implement the strategic marketing plan and reach the Affinity Targets to which Elizabeth City most appeals with emotionally engaging, rich brand messaging and content in their most frequented media channels. This messaging will lead them to specific website landing pages, where they will find substantive information and insights relating to their fervent activity and itineraries and packages to experience them — all presented in a manner that makes Elizabeth City just right for them. Thank you, Elizabeth City; we look forward to working with you and moving the awareness and visitation needles together.


Here is an article written by Elizabeth City’s Daily Advance that goes into some depth on our Branding work.

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