By Jeff Goss, President


One of the biggest mistakes business-to-business clients make is getting too technical. They forget that, although their customers are buying a product for business and there are a lot of technical features, they have to add up to a benefit at the end of the day. But, most importantly, that benefit has to appeal to a human being. The approach at The Goss Agency has always been to communicate the benefit of the product or service in an engaging, emotional manner, and customers will then go for the technical specs to validate and check those boxes.

This is especially true in a competitive industry or category where there are lots of versions of the same features leading to the same outcome. We believe our work and results in consumer advertising have helped forge this approach to business-to-business marketing and its success.

Here is a good example of an Addy winner for a manufacturing product — custom heaters designed for manufacturing everything from Ford motor car bumpers to dental equipment.