By Gabrielle Diepenbrock, Account Coordinator/Social Media Manager

Everyone needs a laugh, and everyone loves a story. Brands that use storytelling and humor can connect with their target audience in a personable and impactful way. A brand that has successfully used humor this fall is Adobe Marketing Cloud. Adobe speaks to the problem many brands face — bad customer service due to the lack of intercommunication on their different platforms and channels. If a secret agent can’t beat it, there’s not much you can do.

The ad begins with Agent Hunter (who looks very much like the Daniel Craig version of James Bond) dramatically fighting and beating his opponent on top of a racing car. He then goes to a hotel and is unable to access his reservation because the hotel’s app did not correspond with the receptionists’ computer.

At the end of the spot, after Agent Hunter is dragged away by the bad guys, the Adobe Marketing Cloud logo appears.

Storytelling and humor are effective ways to make a connection with the audience you are trying to reach.

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