Stork “The most successful North American campaign in history.” Some clients need Brand Discovery, others need the brand expressed with vigor. Our consistent above industry average results is achieved by understanding the benefits, and the prospect's thinking to then communicate the fact/benefit in a manner that leaves the prospects laughing, smiling, and thinking. See More [...]

Alliance Gas


Alliance Gas Are You Becoming Extinct Our comprehensive branding study of brand features/benefits, the market, prospects and competition led to the individual features/benefits expressed in a practical sense with an unprecedented edge in the industry under the banner "Proven to Perform". “Over 600 qualified leads in 5 months” - Stuart Weidie, Alliance Gas CEO See [...]



Chubb All You Need To Know Brand Immersion and Consumer Insights identified specific emotions associated with being out of work or in the wrong position. Individual emotions addressed in brand messaging executed in multi-media. The Chubb Institute brand was born. See More

Massey Ferguson


Massey Ferguson Tractors What To Depend On When Everything Depends On You Our Brand competitive/company/constituent research and brand positioning workshop discovered the tremendous pressure on the independent farmer, their dependency on their tractor. The loss of critical time and production in the event of a breakdown, being miles from town, and uncertainty of tractor part [...]



Farnam A Higher Degree of Performance Farnam, a manufacturer of heaters for manufacturing. Communication of higher quality production was communicated in a glowing hot 2D logo, branding line, website, sales sheets, digital/3D direct campaign and branding ads that compared Farnham product design to the human body and alien's creations. Results, +60% response to campaign follow [...]



Bekaert Wire A Superior Wire There's No Escaping It A study of the wire’s characteristics revealed strengths that led to a branding campaign expressing the feelings of cattle and ranchers. It’s safe to say North American sales goals were exceeded, Ranchers were requesting posters of the brand messages, sales for the featured Gaucho barbed wire [...]



Carhartt Man vs. Man’s Best Friend The objective was to introduce the new rough, tough socks to the line. Research indicates considerable dog companionship among the target/s. A social/in-store/video P.O.P. campaign of a struggle for the Carhartt sock between a man and his dog exceed hit the emotions and goals. See More [...]

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