traveling for culture

Driving travel and tourism success is getting increasingly hard as more destination marketers search for ways to increase awareness and differentiate their offerings. At the same time, more travelers, from boomers to millennials are searching for new adventures, forgoing the traditional list of destinations to find unique, authentic, and culturally enriching experiences. I know you have many challenges that keep you up at night. I know a way to help. I call it Cultural Tourism, but my clients swear it is a powerful weapon in their marketing toolkits.

We’ve been providing cultural tourism marketing for years, but in 2016, it will be a much bigger focus for our agency in part because:

 81% of the U.S. tourists are considered as ‘cultural tourists’

 Over 1/3 of U.S. tourists agree that specific arts, cultural, or

heritage events will influence their choice of destination

 Many travelers extend their stay in a destination because of

cultural activities

 The Goss Agency has a unique process to identify and

communicate a destination’s distinction related to its culture


Tourism is economic development. Tourism provides 7.8 million jobsand $1.5 trillion to the economy annually.


Geo-tourism or Cultural Tourism is defined as “tourism that sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place — its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage, and the well-being of its residents.” Geo-tourism goes beyond “drive through” travel. It involves regional communities providing the visitor with an authentic, enriching experience. It acquaints tourists with local culture and traditions and offers them in-depth opportunities to enjoy the area’s unique natural beauty and biodiversity. 


We apply 19 years of travel and tourism experience, 17,097 miles, from the Island of St. Lucia to the Islands of Palau, and over 70 destinations and attractions in-between. We are a team of marketing professionals, sharing a common interest in the outdoors and discovering culture. We have the desire to equip a destination and its people to develop economically through leveraging, while protecting its cultural and natural resources through visitation. Therefore, we are providing an alternative to other industries and economic drivers less sustainable and conducive to protecting and preserving the precious culture and environment of a place and people.


Our firm provides the complete program to execute Cultural Tourism from identification of the assets, to how to position and communicate them effectively, to expanding and enhancing the visitor experience, as well as how to obtain funding resources and partners to share in the cost and opportunity.

We enhance a destination’s visitor experience, increase partner participation, forge the brand distinction, and develop the plan and messages to communicate that brand distinction in a manner that is compelling and touches emotions. Making one laugh, smile, think, and feel, resulting in increased visitation and brand advocates.