By Jeff Goss

Bekaert Wire Manufacturing, Belgium

When you get into marketing you dream of working on the Disney and Porsche accounts in the world. How dull and uninteresting is marketing barbed-wire, field fence (that wire that runs along side the highway), and prison wire, comparatively?

As it turns out, not so dull once you put yourself in the mindset of a steer, prisoner, or deer on the highway.

In communicating the experience of the end user with Bekaert wire we were able to express the benefits and distinction indirectly with humor and empathy for the end user of the product, and that isn’t the one who bought and installed the wire. The campaign won many creative awards and swept the BMA (Business Marketing Association) show.

My response was you have to get a little cow manure on your feet to taste the champagne.This experience was valuable in a couple of ways. Number one, never judge a campaign potential by the product. Number two, it is the people involved, the client, who makes the difference.

To this day John Holland of England is one of the best clients I ever worked with. He hired us for our creative ability and let us do our job well.