By Chloe Ayres, Senior Designer

B2B Marketing is not thought of as one of the “sexiest” forms of marketing. According to June 2016 research by marketing intelligence firm Ascend2 that looks into the most important goals for a content marketing strategy, 58% mentioned lead generation, while another 55% named customer engagement. “Lead generation” and “customer engagement” do not sound as exciting as “going viral” or “breaking the internet” – nevertheless, they are the two most important KPIs of B2B marketing.

Marketing does not always have to be “sexy” to be effective, but it does need to find your prospect and interest them enough that they take action, or at least remember it. Efficacy in B2B Marketing could be defined as being informative and clear, and making your target rethink the way they run their business. I think an important part of it is also that it can easily be called upon for reference, so that it can become part of a proposal.

LinkedIn bought the professional content sharing platform SlideShare in 2012, and it has been steadily growing ever since. However, SlideShare is about to see its biggest boom yet.

With display ads on the decline, marketers are seeing content marketing as the next key way to reach their target. Content marketing comes in several forms, but it is most effective when it simply integrates seamlessly into an arena where your prospect is already located. SlideShare is a content marketing tool in an arena where B2B professionals already spend a good portion of their time, on LinkedIn. With great search functionality and lead generation tools, SlideShare has become a great resource for the prospect, as well as an easy target for marketers.

LinkedIn recently put together an article about how to maximize your SlideShare efforts’ efficacy, and how to sell it to your B2B clients. Click the link below to read the full article.!