By Chloë Ayres, Head Designer

Corporate Identity development, or logo design as it is also called, is truly an exciting part of the job for an advertising firm. It is a chance to create one mark that expresses an entire brand. What would Nike be without the swoosh? Would Citibank be as distinctive without the red umbrella?

Our message is developed and is expressed in design that truly comes from elements distinctive to the destination, rather than design trends. We create the message with the intent of assimilating across all media outlets. We then take it home and stand it on the fireplace mantel overnight and study it and sleep on it.

Before the mantel placement ever happens, countless hours go into the final design. From pencils to the final vector rendering, designers agonize over every line, every pixel, every 1% change in color saturation.

To give you an insight into our process, we have included the design progression for the logo that we designed for The Thoms Estate as part of their first Corporate Identity package. Take a look!


Corporate Identity


logo design




final design

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