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Cultural tourism isn’t a brand new term, but the concept isn’t quite as simple to grasp as promoting, for example, a striking mountain range in your area or a Michelin rated restaurant. So, we thought we’d take a look at some of the destinations that are emphasizing their cultural tourism attractions to help better understand this growing consumer interest and how you can better market your destination’s cultural tourism opportunities.

Cultural Tourism DC

This nonprofit “develops, delivers and celebrates real life experiences for Washington area residents and visitors.” What does that look like? The organization promotes their Heritage Trails with informative signs and maps with a designated Heritage Trail in every section of the city. They also have developed a Passport DC, a month-long event that’s celebrated annually in May. The month is filled with events that include open houses, exhibitions, workshops, festivals, tours of the embassies, and more.

Cultural Tourism Ireland

This company classifies itself as a travel agency, and they create trips that are hands-on and expert-led to give visitors an in-depth experience focused on “archaeology, architectural and cultural heritage experiences.” This company also emphasizes “Responsible Tourism,” which goes hand-in-hand with the interests and mentality of people drawn to cultural tourism experiences.

GoBalkans Cultural Tourism

GoBalkans focuses on working with tour operators to create trips focused on “the historical and natural heritage as well as the complex reality” of the tours they provide in the Balkans, which include Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Northern Greece. They emphasis the importance of sustainable tourism, another important aspect of cultural tourism.

We encourage you to visit their websites and social media channels to learn how these organizations are promoting cultural tourism in various ways in their corner of the world.