Last month, The Goss Agency had the privilege to take a day out of the office and become immersed in the magical world of the Appalachian Wyiles on Fox Fire Mountain in eastern Tennessee.

Client, Marc Postlewaite, CEO and genius behind Foxfire Mountain and the Wylies’ story, guided the team, showing them the wonderful world of Wyile Country.

work field trip Team with Marc on the longest suspension bridge in the U.S.!

Read what the team has to say:

jeff goss
Jeff Goss, CEO
Get ready to experience real! A non-commercial, very unique, whimsical, cultural, surprising, entertaining place of adventure. From the taste of exceptional Wyile apple cider, made the old world way, and I thought I didn’t like apple cider, to the longest swinging bridge in the USA, to a 20 Ft. eclectic perpetual motion folk art sculpture made with everything from a motorcycle gas tank to clawfoot bathtub that turns and makes ice cream for the children. Then off to visit Wyile Village in the canopy of the trees, a maze of swinging rope bridges, lookout towers, tree houses, Cairn garden and wishing well ( the Wyile are little people, the Appalachian Mountain’s version of the European elves and Leprechauns). Past the kids ropes course you’ll meet Bam Bam the local Watusi African bull, llamas, Maxine the cat, Oscar the dog and Zeus the neighbor’s dog. Then choose your choice of professionally guided zipline tours: a canopy/waterfall tour, or a tractor ride to the top of the mountain where you zip mountain top to mountain top on 5 ziplines. Goliath is the longest and second highest in the USA at 475 feet from the earth, that is half the height of the empire state building. Amazing experience for the head and soul.

karen goss
Karen Goss, Director of Accounting/Human Resources
Foxfire Mountain – a visual feast for your eyes, and a grin for miles! Thoroughly enjoyed spending an afternoon with the Postlewaite Family and the Wyiles!

Ryan Laffler
Ryan Laffler, Account Manager
This place is wonderful! The zip lines here are fast, safe, and really, really high up. One of them literally goes from one mountain to another. It doesn’t end there, though. There is SO much to do: try some of their homemade cider at their Cidery, challenge your friends on the ropes course, get dirty riding their Bear Crawl (an 8-wheeled beast of a vehicle that takes you offroading). The staff are very kind and professional, and there’s always something new to discover. Highly recommend!

Chloe Ayres, Senior Designer
I had been to outdoor centers and done some ziplining before my trip to Foxfire Mountain, so I thought I knew what to expect on our trip. I was wrong. Foxfire Mountain is a completely unique experience. From the highest zip line east of the Mississippi, to the perpetual motion machine that’s used to make ice cream, to the Watusi bull that came out of nowhere, this place is full of the kind of surprises that takes a fully realized creative vision to pull off. It didn’t hurt that Wyile Cider is the most delicious cider I have ever tasted either!!

Gabrielle Diepenbrock
Gabrielle Diepenbrock, Account Coordinator
What a magical place! Marc guided us around, and each time I felt like we hit our max on how cool a trip could be, he would show us yet another amazing feature of Foxfire Mountain that made it even better! From cider-tasting, suspension bridges, and llamas to ziplining across mountain tops, all I can say is that I am quite excited to start our work for Marc! It’s an incredible place, with a remarkable story!

Mel Sala, Designer
I enjoyed every second exploring all that Foxfire Mountain has to offer. There’s so much to do and see. The zipline was the best I’ve ever been on, and the guides were awesome!

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