Massey Ferguson, Tractors, Advertising, Case Study

Massey Ferguson Tractors is an AgCo Corp. brand. At the time, John Deere owned about 80% of the market, and the remaining 20% was shared by everyone else.

How to separate Massey Ferguson, which had been around a century but was a century behind John Deere in marketing?

One advantage was that when farmers owned a Massey Ferguson, they were loyal, generations loyal. Why? Because the Massey Ferguson, when maintained, had a reputation to not break down.

And that means everything on the farm when you have a few hours between “harvest-ready” and bad weather.

Farmers are also businessmen/women. They not only work the farm, but run the farm. The pressure is tremendous, between large corporate competition, rising fuel/seed/material costs, inclement weather, and available farm-workers.

In fact, farmers feels as if everything depends on them. But isn’t it true that we all want someone we can depend on? That’s what our research showed. Thus, “What to depend on when everything depends on you” was born.