By Gabrielle Diepenbrock, Account Coordinator & Social Media Manager

It’s hard to believe that the Super Bowl is this week. And like most advertising aficionados, we are getting pumped and excited the way anyone in the entertainment industry would the week of the Oscars.

And now, as a majority of Americans are on social media, fans are able to come together virtually to anticipate, applaud, criticize, laugh, and cry during the 2017 Super Bowl LI.

Not only is this good news for fans, but social media continues to open up much opportunity for brands.

Adobe reports that 1 in 3 consumers watch live sports (like the Super Bowl) on something other than TV. With people increasingly watching games on their desktop, tablet, or mobile, they’ve become very much engaged with sports topics and commercials on social media.

Last year, according to Social Media Today, 60 million people discussed football on Facebook, and there were 16.9 million published tweets around the subject.

This Super Bowl will be no different, as engagement only continues to grow.

According to Influence Central and Adweek, 78% of all fans report that they will be busy on social media while watching the game. And out of the 78%, 38% specify that they will be sharing their thoughts about commercials during that time (beating the second-most popular social media activity — reacting to the game at 32%)!

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Not only will brand engagement increase during the game, but after the game as well.

Adweek surveyed 1,000 people between the ages of 18 and54 who plan to watch the Super Bowl this year. And the findings show a great promise for engagement:

36% of the survey participants reported that they will watch advertisers’ content online after the big game ends.

And what social media platforms will these fans be using? According to the same survey from Adweek, Facebook leads the way:

1. 51% report that Facebook will be their main digital platform to consume Super Bowl content.
2. While viewing the game, 49% report that they will be looking on Facebook; 26% will be looking on Instagram; 24% will be on Snapchat; 22% will be on Twitter.

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