By Mel Sala, Designer

What’s a great way to make your ad stand out? Change the format. With Installation advertising, the sky’s the limit (sometimes literally). Installation advertising is all about incorporating an ad’s surroundings into the ad itself. This strategy can be extremely effective because not only is the viewer totally impressed by the out-of-the-box idea, installation ads generate a lot of attention. They can generate so much attention that they end up becoming an attraction of their own, drawing in tourists and passersby who all stop to stare and take photos. Check out 19 of the genius installation ads we found.


1. Lego proves that the sky’s the limit with Installation Advertising.

installation design, legos

2. Cherokee “Passport Check” by The Goss Agency.

installation design, public relations

2. FedEx Kinkos takes to the street to show off its office supplies.


3. McDonald’s entices everyone with their free coffee promotion.

installation design

4. Mondo Pasta makes some mondo-sized noodles out of rope.

installation design, advertising

5. Nike shows us a very expensive example of Installation Advertising.

installation design, marketing, viral

6. Pantene channels Rapunzel to inform everyone about their Anti-breakage Shampoo.

pantene advertising

7. Rimmel introduces their Quick Dry nail polish.

installation advertising, marketing, out of the box advertising

8. Terminix doesn’t want termites snacking on your house.

installation design

9. Hubba Bubba is famous for its 6 feet of gum.

installation design

10. This Casino ad is really making me want to play roulette.

installation design, casino ad

11. This ad for a Plastic Surgeon is encouraging people to be born again.

installation design, subway ads

12. This Mini Cooper ad challenges you to test your handling skills in the restroom.

installation design

13. Mr. Clean proves again that he can make all things shiny and bright.

installation design

14. This elevator ad is a terrifying illusion. Mission accomplished.

installation design

15. FedEx creatively disses their competition.

fedex, design

16. What an unexpected surprise at the bottom of an escalator.

installation design

17. Clark Kent does a quick change with the opening of the elevator doors.

installation design

18. Hopefully the riders on this bus aren’t feeling constricted.

installation design

19. I hope no one called 9-1-1 before reading the bumper sticker.

installation design