In spirit of the holiday season, we compiled our favorite Christmas ads to create our “12 Ads of Christmas” series. Our list of ads include:

1. Apple’s 2013 iPhone commercial is our first choice. The ad shows a boy who seems a little too invested in his iPhone rather than engaging in the holiday activities but actually turns out to create the most memorable gift for the whole family!

2. Our second choice for the series is the 2005 “Don’t Drink and Drive” Heineken print ad that combines awareness and humor to maintain the Christmas Spirit!

christmas ad, santa ad, heineken ad

3. Coca-Cola uses different situations of people giving a little happiness on Christmas in our third choice for the series.

4. H&M’s “Come Together” comes in as our number four spot, which is also our AdMirable pick for the month where strangers on a train come together to enjoy Christmas after learning about their delay.

5. Our fifth choice is the heartfelt “Frankie’s Holiday” by Apple that allows Frankenstein to have the Christmas he always wanted!

6. Volkswagen takes on humor in this Christmas print ad where Santa may be on the naughty list after selling his sleigh for the new Jetta in our sixth ad of the series.

christmasad, volkswagon

7. The seventh ad in our series is John Lewis’ emotional “Buster the Boxer” ad where a dog gets the best Christmas gift of all and leaves you in tears!

8. If you love puns, then our eighth ad is perfect for you! Kmart and Joe Boxer collaborated to give an interesting, hilarious way to perform “Jingle Bells.”

9. InBev’s print ad lands our ninth spot in the series with a simple yet creative way to showcase their product while keeping the holiday spirit!

beer, santa, inbev, ads

10. Our tenth choice of the series is a humorous but emotional ad that showcases why this older man is teaching himself English in this Allegro ad.

11. Get your tissues for the eleventh ad! John Lewis’ “Man on the Moon” is a great ad telling all of us to show someone they are loved this Christmas!

12. Our twelfth and final ad for the series is a cute ad from Heathrow Airport connecting families in the perfect way!