High Country Outfitters


High Country Outfitters The goal - introduce the Atlanta area 16-25 age group to paddling in North Georgia, and turn them into customers. The promotion included a one-day Roll Pool with instructors. The campaign included radio, in-store POP and print. The concepts edge and attitude established a brand image that exceeded expectations in sales [...]

Cherokee – Big Idea


Cherokee The Goss Agency Passport Program, designed to enhance the visitor’s experience as well as take advantage of destination partnership opportunities is a great program in and of itself. With Cherokee, we went a leap further. For the release of the Passport, we arranged with the police a road block with flashing lights, cones, [...]



Brandzaffair The personal online shopping destination with one’s favorite friends, and brands together in one place with their best offers. A place to collect and revisit one’s favorite things with insights and information on your most fervent interests in life. The experience was communicated with emotion, edge and attitude through video, social channels and [...]



Stork “The most successful North American campaign in history.” Some clients need Brand Discovery, others need the brand expressed with vigor. Our consistent above industry average results is achieved by understanding the benefits and prospect thinking to then communicate the fact benefit in a manner that leaves them laughing, smiling or thinking.  See More

Alliance Gas


Alliance Gas Are You Becoming Extinct Comprehensive branding study of brand features/benefits, the market, prospects, competition led to the individual features/benefits expressed in a practical sense with an unprecedented edge in the industry. “Over 600 qualified leads in 5 months” - Alliance Gas CEO See More

Gold Toe


Gold Toe Nothing Last Forever, But We're Working On It Designer brands extending line to socks ignited the first advertising for Gold Toe in their 70 year history. Brand Discovery led to the features and detail that separate Gold Toe which were then communicated with bold confident messaging across multi-media, leading to 20% increase in [...]



Baffin Boots Cold Feet Up Here Means Someone Has To Cut Them Off The Baffin boot features designed to keep ice fishermen and snowmobilers feet warm in the Artic led to edgy emotional communications communicated in across multi media with art direction that says “nature big, man small”. See More



Chubb All You Need To Know Brand Immersion and Consumer Insights identified specific emotions associated with being out of work or in the wrong position. Individual emotions addressed in brand messaging executed in multi-media. The Chubb Institute brand was born. See More

Elizabeth City


Elizabeth City Your Adventure Starts Here Brand discovery revealed a starter kit of things to do in Elizabeth City, but the bigger opportunity was the positioning to the hundreds of excursions to the inner and outer banks. The campaign rolled out with new logo, tagline, website, digital campaigns targeting adventure and cultural travelers. Results, 153% [...]

St. Lucia


The Island of St. Lucia Show Your Kids a Cocoa Plantation Brand discovery of exotic features, experiences and iconic volcanic mountain peaks led to the positioning “The Island That Stands Out” expressed through a branding campaign targeting eco, cultural and leisure travelers. Increase in bookings high double digits, added flights buy American Airlines. See More [...]

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